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“My premature newborn was irritable and not feeding properly.  She did not have a coordinated suck and swallow.  I had read about music therapy being able to help soothe children so I asked my nurse for the music therapist.  Terry quietly appeared with a small harp, guitar, and ocean drum. I watched her as she sat by my baby and sang in the same tones my baby was crying.  Over time my baby stopped crying and seemed to be focusing on the sounds.  Every day Terry came in for about 15 minutes and sang, played guitar, harp, and gently moved the ocean drum over my baby.  I watched as she played to the rhythm of my baby’s breathing”


Terry Watson is much more than a therapist. Her warm, loving, and compassionate demeanor radiates through all of her work. My daughter gained personal strength, a faster thought process, and the incredible ability to socialize with her peers in a wonderful way, all because of Terry’s unique ability to combine her vast experience through music, fun, and thoughtful communication. She’s one in a million.


“Terry saw my 2 ½-year-old daughter through Early Intervention at home.  She was very delayed in speech and had only begun to babble.  Through music, sounds, vibrations, and their connection, my daughter began to coo and make sounds with the music and singing in only 3 months.  I felt she now was on her way”.


“Our son was 5 years old, had been a preemie, and had significant delays.  He was in Terry’s class in school and this was his first social experience.  He loved the music and the socialness of the group and quickly became comfortable and attempted to sing and dance with his friends”.  

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”


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